Thursday, June 24, 2010

its been a while

when i set up this blog, one of the motivating factors in doing so was that it would keep me writing something new every few days. needless to say, i really fucked up on that one, and im dissapointed in myself for it, but now that im actually sitting at my desk in a moderatly clean room, i think its time to let the words flow out of my brain once again.

my life recently has been crazy, interesting and a jumble of confusion all at once recently. specifically in the last few days. its been a flurry of long days and longer nights. talking on the couch til 5 in the morning. walks home and cracking backs. dispensary opticians, doctors and 350 euro sunglasses.
making people laugh.
making myself laugh.
running a lot.
eating right.
drinking lakes of water.
getting fit.
body and mind.

going right back, since its been a long time since ive updated this, it was an experience i had recently which changed my outlook on life, nothing major, but we were driving home from work and some little tool dropped a rock off an overpass smashing into the windshield front on while we were going at 120km an hour.

car skidded and luckily, short of being sprayed by some glass, none of us were hurt, but it made me realise that no matter what we do, if you're gonna die... you're gonna die.

i woke up the next day an realised that id been faffing about and went for a long run. i came back dripping sweat and exhausted but feeling amazing. i changed up my diet and now, i feel amazing and i add to that feeling every day.

but.. the one thing i havent been doing on my huge self improvement kick is writing. which is why im back here.

this is only me putting my feet back in the pool, but its a step nonetheless...

ive been sitting at my window
watching imaginary rain fall into rainbows
and making autumn in my mind
for the leaves to show me which way the wind blows
letting dreams drift slowly to the highest mountains
devoid of trees with the cleanest, sweetest air
ive been sitting at my window
looking out on the street
at the passing cars and the birds picking food off the ground
ive been letting my eyes wander across faces and bodies and hands and lips
and my hands run down cracked backs and smooth legs
and smooth white hips
ive been smiling at strangers
who look sad at a bus stop
just to see them smile back as i walk away
ive been sleeping and running
and fighting and drumming
and slamming the bottle on the day to day
ive been loving and hating
easy and frustrating
narrated and narrating
laughing and contemplating
ive been sitting at my window
waiting for the day where i can truly call myself a man who belongs to noone but me
and ill wait for that day forever because thats just the way things are meant to be.


Monday, May 3, 2010

sometimes you find things and people that make you look twice at the world. the way you look at things. your attitudes.

meeting these people can change the colour of the trees in your and the weight of the atmosphere and the way birds sing.

people can spend their lives looking for these people but no. you cant seek them. if they're meant to come your way they will.

im not talking about soul-mates or finding the one or being in love.


it can be anyone who changes your view on something. who educates/influences you to better yourself.

who opens your eyes that little bit wider to let more light in.

right now, at 6 minutes to 4 in the morning, lying on my bed i feel as if my eyes are fully open and every lumen of light is being taken in to my eyes like its food to the hungry.

i feel as if i can fix everything in peoples lives and the world, that i can talk to people to get rid of hate.
that i could spread the little things ive learned to my generation.

and i love this feeling. its perfect happiness crossed with fear. not seeing the world through rose tinted glasses but for what it is.

and there are a lot of problems out there.

on the other hand there are things that would make you so happy you could burst. like in mcdonalds tonight, at 12:30, there was an old old couple eating chicken nuggets together. fuck knows why, but that shit makes me so happy.

i think the biggest tragedy of all is that when i go to sleep tonight and subsequently wake tomorrow morning, this feeling will be gone an i will return to the relative upside down normality of my life.

night people.

wont be neglecting this as much as i have recently


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


in an effort to fix my errant sleeping ways i decided this week would be devoid of gigs. that every night, instead of trying to make people lol from a stage with my guitar and shtuff, that i would crawl into my bed and sleep the sleep of the tired man that i am.

but lets face it... that was never gonna happen was it...

so this week i am in

anseo tonight. on a tuesday, which is strange..... but its a gig for one of aidans comedy classes and hes expecting 30/40 people in so im really looking forward to it! anseo is a great little club and its very fun to mc when theres a good crowd in!

the comedy cellar tomorrow. now... this one im excited about! not only is the cellar the only club held in the international which i havent done! its only an open spot so i have to drop in a solid 7 minutes of whopper ass stuff to get the crowd laughing... ie heard from a few people that its a hard crowd, but the only thing you can do with a hard crowd is make them laugh hard by... comedying at them hard? i think? does that work? is to comedy a verb? :P but yeah, had some reassuring words from Eric Lalor and he said it was a fine little gig! so PUMPED!

the international on sunday. new material night, which is appropriate... because i was supposed to take this week off to work on material! and i have been! using material is all new an adventurous for me. im very excited. i see bright things coming.

:) laughs and the likes to you all


Monday, April 19, 2010

what makes a good night

adventure makes a good night.
getting out of your comfort zone makes a good night.
Pingu/Sean/Paddy/Various other legends make a good night.
Talking to ridiculously hot girls makes a good night.
Kissing ridiculously hot girls makes a good night.
most importantly, keeping a smile on your face makes a good night

today was excellent, woke up, strolled down the street, got my burrito fix, hit town with pingu, met a load of people we knew, strolled around trinity, got a lovely jacket, went into ucd, met sean, adventured.

my plan for this week was to try and get to bed around midnight every night to sort my sleeping patterns, but right now its ten past 5 and i couldnt care less.

life is good. the songs are pretty. everyone is smiling and the world keeps turning around.

tomorow im going to go and buy some nice clothes, smile at strangers, buy some sandwhiches for the homeless people i know wouldnt prefer gear and maybe feed some ducks.

until then, i'll sleep and dream about the future.
because the future is a dream, and a good one at that. none of this recession volcano mumbo jumbo that gets shoved in my face every day.
fuck sake, why cant people stop living in constant fear of everything getting fucked and just have the laughs and smile.
cant remember who said it but "when youre near death and your life flashes in front of your eyes, make it worth watching."

thats a plan right there.

embrace the sun, talk to the pretty people you were afraid of approaching when you were a teenager, high 5 people on the street, feed the fucking ducks and you will feel like royalty.

commit to the future and its yours. dont fear it. fear limits you, and then youre trapped and fucked.
remove that fear and you can do whatever the fuck you want. and what could be more important than that.

be happy


Thursday, April 15, 2010

gig report for the week :D

Ive been around these past few weeks, doing 4/5 shows a week for the last 3 weeks and let me tell you, im fucking exhausted... looking at it, im delighted because it shows me that im getting to be more in demand and by association, i suppose it means im doing something right, im hitting the right notes on stage and my interaction is getting sharper etc.

but its gotten to the stage where im just tired now and looking at a few nights off now seems like a delicious treat :)

this week has been a mixed bag of gigs, going to write short little reports up for each of them and then go to bed because im a tired tired man :)

tuesday had me headlining the wonderful milk and cookies in the exchange in temple bar. now, as you probably know, milk and cookies isnt strictly a comedy show, but a mix of storytelling and comedy. that being said, a lot of the story tellers could be comedians in their own right, being excessivly funny and having perfect delivery.
it was a tasty gig, i ended up doing 25 minutes or so, lovely big reactive crowd and a lot of fun, so yeah... milk and cookies was epic!

wednesday had me in laugh out loud in anseo, which took me slightly by suprise because i thought i was in the next week :P
it wasnt a great gig, which took me by suprise, seeing as anseo is usually one of my favourite venues to play. that being said, i think there was just a strange attitude in the room, no loud laughers and unexplainable tension, even though it was a great lineup! glen coco, foil arms and hog, myself, cathal murray and micheal mee, with gerry mcbride mcing. what could go wrong? i dunno, you tell me! it was the first gig in a long time that left me feeling pretty poor about stuff, but when you fall off the horse, you get back on!

thursay. tonight. i was in the international, which is the spiritual home of irish comedy and you can never know who'll show up and what will go down! i was getting pumped for the gig, all ready and such and who strolls in but canadian comedy star tony law. having laughed my hole off at his videos on youtube just the other day, it got me super psyched and i was happy with the gig, although it lagged a small bit at times! the night ended up with;
colin murphy(the panel)
fred cooke(spar ad)
johnny candon(im not sure, but hes been around)
tony law (paramount etc.)

all on stage and singing a comedic version of video killed the radio star

it was intense! very happy!

anyway, it is 3:20, and im really really tired so im gonna go sleep :) youre all beautiful.



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wild young hearts

im annoyed at myself, i havent been writing nearly as much as i usually intend to! im rushing around like a mad bastard tonight, but im gonna write up a gig report for the week tonight after i do the inter!

so stay sharp! :D

also, have some delicious news from today.

until later